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on May 23, 2020

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Ariana Grande attended iPOP! in 2010
Olivia Holt – iPOP! Alumn “Kickin It”, “Shake it Up”, “Dog with a Blog”
Karan Brar – iPOP! Alumn “Bunk’d”, “Jessie”, “Austin and Ally”
Albert Tsai – iPOP! Alumn “How I Met Your Mother”, “Trophy Wife”
Davis Cleveland - iPOP! Alumn “Shake it Up”, “Hannah Montana”
Keke Lindgard - iPOP! Alumn “Vogue”, “Victoria’s Secret”, “Gucci”, “Chanel”
Doug Brochu - iPOP! Alumn “iCarly”, “Sonny With A Chance”, “Zoey 101”
Jake Short “A.N.T. Farm”, “Lab Rats”